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Brian McBride


  • To join a team where I can utilize my extensive technical background, leadership, attention to detail, and focus on quality, timely work ethic to assist in the success of the team and the company.

Selected Skills and Abilities

  • Proficient in: VB.Net, PHP (3,4,5), MySQL (3,4,5), Microsoft Visual Basic® 6.0, Transact SQL, HTML, CSS, SVN, JIRA
  • Familiar with: Java, Javascript, Python, Perl, XML, InstallShield
  • Programming Languages: VB.Net (2003,2008), PHP (3,4,5) (Apache Mod, CGI), Microsoft Visual Basic ® 6.0, HTML, Python, Perl, Java, Clarion 5 – 5.5
  • Servers: Apache 1.3 - 2, Qmail, CommuniGate Pro, ProFTPd, SSHd, IIS
  • Database: MySQL (3,4,5), SQL Server (2005,2008), Microsoft Access, Sybase, Firebird, ODBC
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows ® (XP,Vista,7), Apple, Linux (Redhat, Mandrake, Debian,Ubuntu, CentOS)

Employment Highlights

Jul 2007-Current

Technical Lead Architect

Merge Healthcare (Amicas), Daytona Beach, FL

  • Lead a highly successful and driven team of developers meeting and exceeding quality and deadlines by effective project planning, thorough design specifications, load balancing
  • Evolved a software suite that consisted of heavy engineering effort for deployment, maintenance and support into an easy to install, configurable, and support friendly software package
  • Tightly integrated our product with others within the organization
  • Managed a team of offshore engineers
  • Skills: VB.Net (2005,2008), SQL Server (2005,2008), C#, InstallShield, Hudson, MS Project, Crystal Reports (8.5, 11), SVN

Jun 2004 - Jul 2007

Development Supervisor

Sage Healthcare (Emdeon, WebMD, MedWare), New Smyrna Beach, FL

  • Responsible for the coordination of development efforts relating to adhering to standards, quality control, version control, training, mentoring, project planning, and tracking releases to maintain timelines
  • Primary developer responsible for design, enhancement, development and tuning of existing MedWare Charting application written in VB.Net, VB6.0 and Clarion 5.5. The application connects to multiple data sources: SQL Server, MySQL 5, Clarion Database Files (TPS) and ODBC
  • Responsible for the coordination of the full cycle of development: bug or enhancement discovery, design creation and approval, programming, quality assurance, packaging, beta testing, and general release
  • Primary developer for the design and implementation of an online Computer Based Training Module. Included extensive session tracking, authentication, user administration, access rights implementation, and usage reporting utilizing PHP, Javascript, and MySQL. Also included a fully dynamic web calendar for user registration of live CBT training and event tracking

Apr 2001 - Oct 2002

Senior Developer

Medgrup, Monument, CO

  • Primary responsibilities included project management, full cycle development coordination, defining and implementing requirements based on external and internal customers needs. Application utilized a hospital facility module and a client module both remotely utilizing a central administration module. Automatic job distribution and tracking was implemented to give both modules a real-time update of the current state of encounter transcription for hospitals both ER and Outpatient care. Focus on HIPAA compliance and security with encrypted electronic packages being transferred via VPN full circle from our clients to admin to coder and back
  • Utilized Clarion 5.5 and VB6.0 as well as FTP and PHP scripting
  • Support for client installation and day to day activities

Apr 1998 - Jan 2001

Engineering Project Manager

High Speed Access Corporation, Denver, CO

Engineering Project Manager
  • Managing the implementation of new markets focusing on DNS, email conversions, and personal web space. Moving into markets that had an already existing Internet Services Provider required our company convert current customer’s services to our domains. We worked to make a very seamless and low impact conversion of email and personal web space to our servers using behind the scenes redirects, triggers, and extensive planning
Customer Care Manager
  • Entering an organization on the ground floor required me to wear many hats. Having previous experience in Customer Support and the organization requiring extensive Customer Support growth, I felt it necessary to provide assistance in the development of a highly successful Customer Support Team. Having previously been a City Manager, my initial role was Internal City Manager support. This allowed the first experience of our customers to be the best with a highly knowledgeable sales staff. Understanding our products and having quick answers for customer questions made our sales staff very successful. Once I had developed the City Manager Support department and ensured that it was running at a very successful level, I moved on to develop the Installation Support Group. This group targeted the remote installers that visited our customer’s homes to install the necessary equipment to access our service. This was a crucial step in the success of our customer and the reduction of initial contact by our new customers. As the installers were on-site, they could contact us immediately to resolve any matters while they were still at the customer’s location. These proved to both be highly successful programs which helped to relieve a lot of stress and growing pains from our 24/7 support staff. While running these two programs, I also assisted in the growth of a second call center in Denver, Co. This assisted in the reduction of call wait times and better all around customer service. Our initial call center was located in Louisville, KY where I spent 7 months during the initial development of our support programs
City Manager
  • In joining a company as only the third city manager in a nationwide company, I was faced with a tremendous amount of growth and the ability to assist in the development of not only my own market but assistance in the development of other markets nationwide. Moving to a completely undeveloped market required that I build not only a customer base but sales materials, high traffic store front location, and relationships throughout the community. This was a very exciting opportunity due to the small town atmosphere in Monument, CO. Being in a highly technical community, customers and fellow businesses were very receptive to our business. I was able to build a sales and marketing campaign in four months which proved to exceed our sales expectations by over 400%. Being able to enter the company as a city manager allowed me to get a better understanding of the company and the market that we provided service for

Apr 1997 - Aug 1998

Sales and Billing Director

Internet America, Dallas, TX

Sales and Billing Director
  • Primary responsibilities entailed the growth not only in numbers but in skill of our sales force. As an Internet Service Provider, we were in a highly evolving market which required that the sales staff continually grow with the proper knowledge to assist in the sales of our ever changing products. Having an intelligent sales approach to our customers allowed for a more knowledgeable customer with expectations that matched our service level. I was also responsible for the small but growing billing department which also handled customer retention and fulfillment. As our sales staff brought on new customers, the billing department assisted in preparing the customers Starter Package which gave the customer all the required software and information to successfully utilize our service. This was a very rewarding position being able to assist the customer from a billing perspective as well as sales and implementation
Technical Support Director
  • As an entry level technician, I found the Internet business to be very compelling and utilized all of my resources at hand to gain the knowledge required to assist our customers in all aspects of service. I quickly moved to the position of Technical Support Director which assisted in the day to day operations of the Technical Support Department. These requirements included but not limited to scheduling, hiring, and training of the support staff. This was a very rewarding position as I was able to get a better understanding of the business with further advanced training and escalation resolution


Denver Metro - Denver, CO
  • Bachelor of Science Studies
Richland Community College - Dallas, TX
  • Associates of Arts


Available on request.

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